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Welcome to Apes Token, where the apes finally get enough bananas! Apes is a community token with significant reflections. Apes holders earn up to 6%

Apes holders earn up to 6% bananas (reflections) by holding $APES 80% of all tokens will be made available via DEXes. Read More

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6% for holding (reflection)

just hold your token and you will get 4% from each trade.

2% burn

Burn at each transaction.

2% to marketing/devs

2% go to the fat marketing and dev apes supporting the troops.

Community Reflections

Twitter does not like our shill to earn system (its too effective!), which is why we have to stop it in its current form.
But do not worry, we have other utility including ApesTools.io which we are currently rebranding to GemTools.io.
Please follow the twitter account @gemtools_io.
There will also be a series of updates coming to GemTools with $APES as utility token at its heart.

Top shilling Apes

Below you see the apes that shill the most!

Ranking of the 20 Most Active Apes.
Rank Twitter name Followers Posts Score
last update:
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Rewards from Ape NFTs

After 2-3 million market cap, we will start an Ape NFT collection and also start making significant investments into successful Apes NFT projects (Bored Apes (BAYC), Mutant Apes (MAYC), Apocalyptic Apes (AAPES)...). We plan to provide rewards from those NFTs to $APES holders. After 100 mil camp we plan to offer them as fractional NFTs to holders.

RoadmapJungle Roadmap


Basecamp - Launch

  • All apes rise, pumping presale awareness
  • Successful pink sale
  • Launching on Pancakeswap
  • Banana reflections kicking in
  • Launch and scale shilling reward system, give back to the apes troop!
  • First listings!

Through the Jungle - 2 - 20mil Mcap

  • Start investing in big Ape NFT projects like Bored Apes, Apocalyptic Apes, Mutant Apes; Pay reflections to APES holders from returns!
  • Launching own Apes NFT collections
  • First DEX listings
  • Start afterburn
  • Start afterburn

Reaching Apes Mountain - 100mil - 1 bn mcap

  • Lavish Apes Mountain Party
  • Apes Metaverse Club with Metaverse APES NFT Gallery
  • Apes Jungle Fight Play-to-Earn Game
  • 10+ DEXes listed
  • Apes Credit Card
  • ApesChain Blockchain


Apes Dev

Apes dev is our super blockchain coder and solidity expert (@apesdev in TG).

PG Ape

PG Ape is our marketing and data science whiz (@peterape in TG).

$APES Token

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