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Welcome to Apes Token, the utility token for crypto apes! Apes is a community token that offers exclusive access and utility through its platform GemTools.io and NFTs.

80% of all tokens have been made available to the community at launch via DEXes. Read More

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Gemtools Utility

APES runs its own utility platform GemTools.io.
Please follow the twitter account @gemtools_io.
There will also be a series of updates coming to GemTools with $APES as utility token at its heart. Holding $APES will grant access to the GemTools PRO content and services.


Access to Ape NFTs

Apes Token holders are automatically whitelisted for our NFT collection.


Apes Dev

Apes dev is our super blockchain coder and solidity expert (@apesdev in TG).

PG Ape

PG Ape is our marketing and data science whiz (@peterape in TG).

$APES Token

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