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Welcome to Apes Token, the utility token for crypto apes! Apes is a community token that offers exclusive access and utility through its platform GemTools.io and NFTs.

80% of all tokens have been made available to the community at launch via DEXes. Read More

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Gemtools Utility

APES runs its own utility platform GemTools.io.
Please follow the twitter account @gemtools_io.
There will also be a series of updates coming to GemTools with $APES as utility token at its heart. Holding $APES will grant access to the GemTools PRO content and services.


Access to Ape NFTs

Apes Token holders are automatically whitelisted for our NFT collection.

RoadmapJungle Roadmap



  • All apes rise, pumping presale awareness
  • Successful pink sale
  • Launching on Pancakeswap

Through the Jungle

  • Start afterburn
  • Provide access to Gemtools.io

Reaching Apes Mountain*

  • Build DEX features on Gemtools.io

* Note that any of the stages may not be implemented depending on market uncertainties.


Apes Dev

Apes dev is our super blockchain coder and solidity expert (@apesdev in TG).

PG Ape

PG Ape is our marketing and data science whiz (@peterape in TG).

$APES Token

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